Reporter: “What were your sales last year?”
Competitor Subject, President: “I’m reluctant to tell you that.”
Reporter: “This is a business feature, we’ll need to know. Can you tell me unit sales numbers?”
Competitor Subject, President: “Well, we sold 545,000 units last year.”

Market insight. Polls, surveys and focus groups only go so far. By far, the most powerful way to investigate the competition is to deploy the skills of a journalists. Persona's team of journalists are on standby to help you mine your competitive insight.

One of our clients had this to say:
"The failing of market research is on competitive insight. Yes, randomized consumer data can mine plenty of good information through polling, surveys, and focus groups, but these are willing participants. ComVestigate gives us a way to directly question the leaders of competitive companies."

Our method is proprietary, but we'll disclose this much: Investigative reporters are famous for disclosing secrets companies would prefer remain secret. ComVestigate penetrates these veils of secrecy, in the same way investigative reporters break stories.

Investigative journalism is a unique niche in the reporter community — they are part bulldog private ivestigator, part researcher, part feature-writer interviewer, and altogether stubborn about getting “their story.” This is the unique asset ComVestigate brings to competitive research.

Convestigate is an interrogative investigative modality, as pioneered by Persona: an investigative reporter approach. To learn more, contact us for a confidential, no obligation review. 

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