The Humble Stationery

Times may have changed, yet the humble stationery set in business remains vital. Virtual business cards, a big buzz term today, will never replace the business card. Business cards, real or virtual, remain one of the least expensive marketing tactics in your business plan.

Often, the humble business card, letterhead or envelop is under-valued. Templated designs are distributed to precious prospective clients, losing an opportunity to impress. Or worse, possibly damaging the first-impression experience.

Business cards and letterhead—virtual or printed—are arguably the most important aspect of marketing. Don’t undervalue this inexpensive little powerhouse.

Learn how Persona’s experts can make your stationery your most important marketing tool. Ask for a proposal.




Do you need sales? Revenue growth in a competitive scenario? Assets? Qualified leads? Inbound calls? Brand awareness? A positive spin on an issue? Even in today’s competitive markets, these challenging goals are nothing more than problems to be solved. With the right approach—the Persona approach—all problems can be turned into manageable, cost-effective opportunities.

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