Editorial Writing


Over the last two decades, Persona has built a team of content writers—from journalists and feature writers to advertising copy writers—who are in high demand as contributors weekly on many magazines and regularly for marketing content, corporate blogs, social media interaction and other online content. Content marketing is all about creating a real dialogue with your audiences, informing them on topics of relevance to them, building a relationship, and being found in the internet.

Today, with content marketing becoming the main focus of online activities, our editorial writers are in more demand than ever. From writing articles on our many magazines, to contributing to arms-length zines, to writing corporate and persona blogs on behalf of others—we have the specialist writer for you. On assignment, from one story to weekly or daily contributions, we have writers specializing in areas as diverse as automotive experts to medical, and:

  • news reporting
  • ad copy
  • brochure and collateral copy
  • annual reports
  • automotive
  • oil & gas content
  • green energy and environmental issues
  • dogs, cats and pet feature writers
  • computer, networking and technology specialists
  • medicine on a broad range of topics from virology to mobile health
  • business specialists and reporters
  • crime reporters
  • book reviewers
  • movie reviewers
  • cloud computing
  • business and marketing strategies
  • condominiums
  • homes and lifestyle
  • food and restaurants
  • coffee and tea
  • aeronautic
  • engineering
  • design
  • interior design
  • health and fitness
  • alternative health
  • assignment editors and writers
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