Principal: Branding

PR Director and Brand Planner Derek Armstrong


In 1988 Derek Armstrong co-founded Persona with Kam Wai Yu, as copywriter and production manager/principal marketing planner. Derek coauthored The Persona Principle (Simon & Schuster) with Kam Wai Yu in 1994, and wrote several published novels.



"Derek has been a creative influence on all of the companies that I have worked for and has also become a friend. Since 1995 Derek has provided strategic guidance to our marketing plans, developed corporate brands and helped stimulate growth. Derek is a very talented person, I’ve read his books and blogs and always look forward to our discussions."  

—Scott Barrett, COO Mico Systems Inc.


"Derek is very knowledgeable and understands the power of digital media and communications to promote and inform. He heads up a very responsive team of professionals that execute quickly and with precision. His considerable intelligence, experience and ceaseless drive makes him a pleasure to collaborate with."  

—Gino Maulucci Senior Marketing Manager, e-Marketing at Tridel

"I have worked with Derek for almost 10 years, and most recently he is helping’s creative efforts. He has patience and a deep reservoir of knowledge. By working closely with him, I am constantly learning new things."

—Abraham Blinick,

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