With over 1.9 billion websites live right now, your web presence needs to be better than great. Persona’s unique leadership in brand, design and content helps your prospects find you on a crowded internet. To stand apart, tell a credible story. To be seen, be unique. To be believed, make your brand stand for something meaningful.

"You are very original, dynamic, thought-provoking." —Nabisco


The website has become the anchor for most brands in marketing terms. By this we mean, regardless of the media used to reach audiences—magazines, print, TV, online—ultimately, the main destination for that audience will be the website of the brand. Before making any purchasing decision, research indicates most people will visit the website of the brand.

As little as ten years ago, toll free phone numbers, catalogues, storefronts and brochures were all more important than the website. Today, the website is always the first consideration.

Persona's approach to building websites is unique. We focus on the story to be told. We write the story from the audiences perspective. Only then, do we map out the website navigation, design the exciting branded graphics and worry about important things such as search engine optimization. Story is the most important single factor.

In telling the story, as with all forms of marketing, the unique story must be told upfront. In story terms, this is the "hook." In marketing terms, this is what differentiates you. Importantly, as with all great marketing, it should be a story told in a few choice words that express that difference—and the personality of the brand.

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