The humble newsletter. Didn’t it die a slow death with the advent of corporate blogs and social media? The short answer is: no. The longer answer: the newsletter has evolved. Stakeholders must be informed, and universally the newsletter is the number one choice.


The key thing to grasp about the humble newsletter is the difference between media and mission. A newsletter can appear in print, as a pdf version of the print version, as an accessible pdf, as a blog, as an online magazine, or any number of formats. The important consideration is mission.

We advocate calling a newsletter a newsletter, regardless of the method of printing or distribution. It's literally a letter conveying news to your stakeholders. We also advocate branding your newsletter, and bringing its content up to the level of a genuine editorial magazine—to avoid unsubscribes and keep your reputation as a credible informer intact. Newsletters inform, rather than sell. They build relationships, rather than convince. Newsletters should be anticipated and respected, not thought of as a nuisance obligation.

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