Posters and signs are great story-tellers. A few well-chosen words, some powerful images and voilà! The viewer’s imagination fills in the details, but if the poster has done its job, the story gets told exactly as you intend.

Posters Tell Stories

The poster story should convey your message with or without text. A perfect story-telling illustration or photo should be enough. Where words are needed, the story should be told in ten words or less. The famous S=Urge short story. More important, the style, image choice, model choice, illustrator and photographer choice are more critical on a poster, than in any other form of design work. Large or small, the story is told in an instant—or not at all.

Kam Wai Yu, our creative director, won many best-in-show and gold awards for poster design, including shortlisting for the "best poster in the world" competition, after winning "best in North America."

What's your story? Let the award-winning poster designers at Persona express that story in a way that your audiences will truly appreciate.

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