Fashion. Packaging. Interior design. What characteristic do they share? They define their contents. They personify the story of person, brand, or building. Packaging, the ultimate expression of product merchandising—in the same way high fashion is the ultimate expression of clothing—is a specialty best served by branding experts. What is the story to be told? The story of the brand? The promise? The unique difference.

Two Decades of Experience in Packaging Design

A single glance at the packaging should tell us everything we need to know, without reading a word. Packaging needs no language. A single glance should tell you

  • what it is
  • why it's different
  • who it is
  • who it's for
  • why it's important
  • how to recognize it
  • what it's worth.

Literally, we set the price, the value, by what we see and feel. The same product, wrapped in different packaging designs, can appear: functional, practical, exotic; inexpensive, good value, expensive; innovative, sophisticated, high quality. Eight wonderfully wrapped chocolates in a special box with elegant design is worth more than a crate full of unmarked chocolates.

Packaging is not, of course, about inflating value or changing perceptions improperly. Yet, true experts in design of packaging understand how to tell the story the right way, in the way that is most sympathetic to the desires/needs/wants of the audience. Our award-winning team has two decades of experience in packaging design.


For a proposal on your next packaging project, contact Persona.

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