Like brochures, magazines have a distinct, tactile appeal. But, unlike the brochure, magazines carry the highest possible level of credibility. For the reader, for the audience, it’s good to pass the time in a waiting room or on an airplane with a great magazine. For you, the client, it’s the premiere message-delivery medium. We’ve created a lot of memorable print magazines for clients. Magazines remain the ultimate credibility-building tool.

Internet Magazines

Increasingly, magazines are moving online. Persona pioneered early online magazines in the 1990s and this evolved into our publishing arm and our Blogertize methodology for clients. Many magazines we have worked on must be created simultaneously in print and online, with the added complexity of accessibility online.

Our team are the pre-eminant experts in editorial conceptual design. Many of our clients have us manage their house magazines online, some since 2004.

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Do you need sales? Revenue growth in a competitive scenario? Assets? Qualified leads? Inbound calls? Brand awareness? A positive spin on an issue? Even in today’s competitive markets, these challenging goals are nothing more than problems to be solved. With the right approach—the Persona approach—all problems can be turned into manageable, cost-effective opportunities.

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