The Humble Brochure Tells a Story

Whatever the occasion, whatever story you want to tell, a printed handout like a brochure or program is always appropriate. Sell your product, describe your service, explain your position, illustrate your concept—the printed page is still a powerful tool for communicating. The simple truth is, people like to hold them in their hands, look at the pictures and read the copy.

Collateral must go beyond this touchy-feely focus. Good collateral, Persona-style, tells the story. The why, what, where, how, when. The problem/solution. Told as a compelling story that cannot be ignored. The humble brochure is a short story.

Applying our famous S=Urge methodology—telling the unique story in the fewest words possible—is the secret to effective collateral support for your marketing efforts: the not-so-humble brochure.


Your ideas alone made the difference.
—Tridel Corporation

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