The Humble Brochure Tells a Story

Whatever the occasion, whatever story you want to tell, a printed handout like a brochure or program is always appropriate. Sell your product, describe your service, explain your position, illustrate your concept—the printed page is still a powerful tool for communicating. The simple truth is, people like to hold them in their hands, look at the pictures and read the copy.

Collateral must go beyond this touchy-feely focus. Good collateral, Persona-style, tells the story. The why, what, where, how, when. The problem/solution. Told as a compelling story that cannot be ignored. The humble brochure is a short story.

Applying our famous S=Urge methodology—telling the unique story in the fewest words possible—is the secret to effective collateral support for your marketing efforts: the not-so-humble brochure.


Your ideas alone made the difference.
—Tridel Corporation



Do you need sales? Revenue growth in a competitive scenario? Assets? Qualified leads? Inbound calls? Brand awareness? A positive spin on an issue? Even in today’s competitive markets, these challenging goals are nothing more than problems to be solved. With the right approach—the Persona approach—all problems can be turned into manageable, cost-effective opportunities.

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