Radio Ads

Great radio advertising is, perhaps, the most difficult of all. Results hinge on a 30 second burst of sound. With sound alone, an entire story must be told and the urge to buy created.


We call this the “S=Urge Principle.” While this key principle equally applies to television spots— with micro-stories that must motivate, sell, entertain in seconds—radio is even more difficult to use effectively. Without visuals, with sound alone, the entire message must be conveyed. There is no logo the anchore brand awareness. There is nothing sexy on screen. Just a story to be told.

Persona are the masters of the S-Urge story, in all media. As always, the master story tellers get the better results. Great creative alone, especially in radio, is not enough. A story, Persona-style, is the best assurance of results. Play the sample spots below to find out why. Or give us a call or email to find out how we can help you get the results you need in radio.



Persona’s award-winning campaign for included the comedic stylings of stand up comedian with an hilarious Persona script. Fully deploying our brilliant S=Urge Principle, the results were astounding and the campaign became one of the best remembered radio campaigns in Canada.

D-Link Network


Persona’s award-winning campaign for D-Link became widely copied. Playing on a “sci-fi character” stereotype and his “sexy” computer, Persona’s brilliant script delivered story and dramatically increased recall and sales for D-Link.

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