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Persona’s award-winning designers help you stand out in a crowded market.
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Persona’s web team helps your audiences find your website.
Amongst today's 1.9 billion sites.
Persona’s brand team help you lead your niche in a multi-million brand world.
Blogertize Your Business
Persona’s industry-leading writers help tell your unique story.
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Do non-European companies have to comply with GDPR; “increased territorial scope” makes compliance a must for many companies
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Which is more important? Truth or Credibility?
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BRAND: image your success

Brand is much more than logo and name; it is your corporate persona, and your most valuable business asset. With our three decades of expertise, we can help you find and emphasize your unique persona — and help you to leverage your brand for a stronger bottom line. Ask us how.

CONTENT: publish or perish

Sixteen more blog posts each month can bring in 3.5 times the qualified traffic to your website. 16,000 professionally-written words a month can do more for your marketing than paid online advertising. Find out how to substantially increase your web traffic with Persona's content team. Contact us for a review of your content program.

DESIGN: dare to be different

Great design ideas are more than the union of creative and strategic thinking. The marketing secret to sustained bottom-line growth is differentiated creative — combined with your unique selling proposition. Contact us to find out how powerful a differentiated idea really is with Persona’s award-winning team.


It’s not just about being found amongst over 1.9 billion websites (according to Google) or the 175,000 new blogs created every day (CNet). It’s about earning your qualified audience with credible content that pulls leads and encourages dynamic interaction. Contact Persona’s web experts for a program to significantly increase your web footprint.


Traditional social media activities are of limited value to brands looking to develop leads and build brand awareness. Our real-time social-media experts monitor all channels live, injecting highly targeted messages and interactions to qualified audiences — to generate actual leads and media buzz. Find out how.

The Astrid Awards, New York

Grand honour of your world-class achievement in design.

Atlas Board of Governors

The Atlas marketing is quite outstanding! The Atlas TV commercials have managed to make your message very human and personal... Great work.

Merrill Lynch

I’d say exceeding our goal by 100% is a good indicator of Persona’s success.

Canadian Education Association

You gave us the innovative new logo and look we needed.

Dayton Daily News

Persona shows you how to reach all your business, sales and marketing goals.

D-Link Networks

Savvy creative and unbelievably great service under any circumstances.

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