We literally wrote the book on brand—The Persona Principle. With more than two decades of expertise, we can help your brand become a powerful asset.


Persona’s team are experts in helping businesses find their uniqueness, shaping their targeted message, and delivering it where it needs to go.

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Great design ideas are a union of creative and strategic thinking. Find out how powerful a great idea really is with Persona’s award-winning team.


The majority of us get our news and features online—59% of us, according to Pew research. For this compelling reason, an increasingly important option in your marketing  mix should include Blogertizing: online strategies that focus on becoming a publisher.


It’s not just about being found amongst over 400 million websites (according to Google) or the 175,000 new blogs created every day (CNet). It’s about earning your qualified audience with credible content, powered by active two-way communication on social media.


Traditional PR is of limited value to brands looking to inject into the real-time news cycle. Our real-time PR experts monitor the news live, newsjacking your brand into relevant breaking news, or creating news stories that have the “juice” to generate media buzz.

More than met our expectations. We all feel we received top value for our money.

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The Persona Approach

Do you need sales? Revenue growth in a competitive scenario? Assets? Qualified leads? Inbound calls? Brand awareness? A positive spin on an issue? Even in today’s competitive markets, these challenging goals are nothing more than problems to be solved. With the right approach—the Persona approach—all problems can be turned into manageable, cost-effective opportunities.

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