Authority PR

Public relations core mission is to earn authority for the brand reputation. What do we mean by authority?


Authority PR, attached to a brand, is the bundle of credibility, voice, reputation (good or bad) and awareness that is earned through arms-length media coverage.  It differs from publicity, which attempts to engineer news coverage, and advertising which tries to buy it. Authority PR is about building a reputation in the real news cycles.

We choose the word authority, over softer language like "earned relationship" or "credibility." We don't use soft descriptions like "building the media relationship" or simple analogies like "earned relationship" versus "paid" (girlfriend/boyfriend versus escort type comparisons).

Public relations earns authority, through real, regular and reliable coverage by independent media sources—in the real news cycles.

Our Authority Method

Persona's PR experts believe that the best relationships are built journalist to journalist. Our team are made up of past journalists, rather than PR-trained specialists. To gain news cycles for your brand requires a team that thinks like a journalist or editor.

Authority tactics include:

  • Inventory of the brands assets and liabilities for planning
  • Analyze and prepare list of media targets relative to audiences and message
  • Newswatch on topics associated with brand assets
  • Build detailed lists of journalists in our targets
  • Build a regular relationship with journalists/editors/broadcast producers by providing useful information, fillers, offers for counter points and opinions, interview proposals, pitches and an ongoing campaign of regular attempts to inject into news cycles
  • Create opportunities in the news cycles by issuing press releases with useful information that supplements the breaking news cycles
  • Build authority as a "go to source" by providing useful trade or relative information


Authority PR is a relationship build and is only one of many tactics we use at Persona to build our client's authority, credibility and brand voice.




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