What is Blogertizing? Become a Credible, Expert Publisher

Blogertize Best Practices

Unique, credible content is the only real way to be found on the internet. Quality information is the only way to ensure returning visitors. We call this “earned engagement.”


By becoming an online publisher—a credible publisher of news and features of interest to specific niched audiences—you become the authority for people who buy your services or products. With this method you help

  • position yourself as the leader or expert: the more content you provide, the more credible you become
  • make your website stand out in a billion-website world.
  • shape mainstream news streams to the extent you are the source of information for journalists
  • strengthen your voice in social media
  • publish your brand-specific news
  • engage subscribers and regular readers

Blogertize’s journalist-quality professional content helps ensure that subscribers will find you and stick with you. With dozens of editors and writers, including speciality contributors such as doctors and engineers, you can publish relevant, regular content for your corporate blog or your own specialty online magazine. By publishing your content as a credible media outlet, you can draw substantially higher qualified prospective customers.

Blogertize Objective Mission — Your Blogertize publication will help make you the authoritative voice and information source within your niche, earning loyal subscribers and new engaged visitors amongst your key target audiences.

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