Value Based on Content Specific to You

To take advantage of earned engagement, a team of human experts is key—no bots, auto bots, spam bots or scripts can be used. Quality is more important than volume. Investing in quality, regular content helps you establish a relationship with audiences: this is the benefit of earned engagement versus paid exposures. Strong, relevant content elicits more activity from audiences, earned loyalty and subscribers, return visits, and it plants the seed of brand-controlled viral activity online.

In addition to our own core team of editors, we can provide hundreds of quality writers in all fields, as well as distribution experts, web engineers, and our unique anchor platforms as Online Zines. We bundle these into flat-rate packages based on daily content.


Content Services: Bundled or As Needed

Content governs engaged activity and qualified audiences and draws potential prospects through organic searches (non-advertised or sponsored) on search engines for maximum relevance. 

The more original and relevant content posted per day, the higher the traffic will be, relative to the size of the interest group or niche. For this reason, we encourage an editorial schedule and a commitment to regular content: daily, bi-weekly, weekly. By establishing a writing team and permanent editor, this becomes cost effective in our bundled monthly services.

Blogertize content can either be bundled at no additional cost to a designed online magazine on a stand-alone domain, or as content for your blog, or both. “As needed” content is also available, in addition to the bundles.

Our Bundled Blogertize Services

To simplify our programs, the infrastructure costs are bundled cost effectively into a flat rate, including the up-front higher set-up costs, and include:

  • an assigned chief editor
  • consistent team of contributing writers who know your industry/business or position
  • guest specialty writers for special features
  • web hosting if content is for your own branded web magazine
  • graphic design for a branded web magazine
  • web work, forms, moderation, management of the platform
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