Earn Your Audience

In a Billion-Website World

In a billion-website world, who can afford to buy their audience? Earning your audience through original, informative, credible content is the only economical way to drive qualified visitors to your website. Buying visits just doesn’t work for most businesses.


eMarketer data compares the effect of PR (earned media) to advertorial or paid news formats (paid media) and the relative value of advertising (brand creative). Earned media coverage equates to PR coverage in media stories exposed to target audiences, and ranks higher due to credibility at 29 per cent, although you have no control over the story (spin). Blogertize, on the other hand, combines the benefits of earned media (credibility, authority) with paid media (control of message and reach) and brand creative, to the extent that we strategically cross promote to the core brand.

Four Ways to Reach Audiences

It’s not just about being found  in a billion-website universe (as of 2014) or the 175,000 new blogs created every day (CNET). It’s about earning your audience with credible news of interest to them.

Traditionally there are four ways to reach audiences in an attempt to break through the internet clutter:

  1. Pay for your audience: advertise. Unfortunately, this only guarantees exposures, not reads or engaged interest. This is called “Reach Exposures.”
  2. Earn your audience: the Blogertize method. This is the best way to naturally grow your audience and earn their loyalty. This is known as “Earned Engagements.”
  3. Publicize to your audience: the PR method of gaining exposures. Credible, but you lose control of the message. This is called “Earned Exposures.”
  4. Search Engine Optimization: driving traffic to your existing websites. White hat SEO—content-driven strategies and natural, organic earned links from credible content and genuine participation of audiences—is a major part of the Blogertize program.

The Key Benefits of Blogertize’s Earned Engagement

  • Find qualified prospects in your niche
  • Earn and keep your audience
  • Engage and interest your audience
  • Grow your audience consistently
  • Control your message while conveying information in a credible editorial format
  • Help your brand get found in a web universe of hundreds of millions of sites
  • Reach your audience cost-effectively
  • Earn your audience’s trust through credibility.
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